HGH Injection Procedure

HGH Injection Procedure

HGH Injection Procedure

HGH medication is used in the correction of hormonal imbalances which occur during the process of aging. A medical professional who is licensed regulates the prescription of HGH to the patients. Before prescribing the hormonal therapy a doctor must first carry out blood tests so as to ensure that the individual is fit for the treatment. The medication would typically involve administration through self-injection.

What you will require

  • HGH Alcohol Syringe


First clean the area where you are going to give the injection by using alcohol. Your doctor should be able to give you advice on the best area for giving the injection. This area is unique depending on one’s own situation. Use alcohol to clean the area just before you give the injection. This is important for ensuring that bacteria do not enter the blood stream.

Then ensure the syringe is ready for the injection. The syringe is first removed from the wrapper. You should ensure that the needle is placed tightly in the syringe. This is important as it ensures that the syringe and the needle do not become disconnected as you carry out the injection.

Draw up the dose that has been prescribed. After inserting the syringe needle into the vial, draw up the dose that has been prescribed by a medical professional. The doctor ought to have provided dosage requirements depending on individual conditions.

Inject the HGH. After you have successfully drawn up the proper dosage as instructed by the doctor, gradually inject the HGH to the site that you were instructed to use for the injections.

Try to find any reactions. After you have given your first injection, observe the area you used closely to see if there are any reactions. Irritation and redness are some of the things you ought to be on the lookout for. In the case that you have spotted any reactions, contact your doctor and discuss whether you ought to stop the HGH treatment.

Tips and Warnings

Wait for the results patiently. It is important that you are patient as HGH will normally take several months before you are able to see changes. Keep a log for noting the symptoms. This will assist in monitoring progress of the medication.

The syringe should be kept clean. After taking the syringe from the wrapper, ensure that you protect it so that it remains clean. Try to avoid it from coming into contact with anything before you have used it to give the injection.

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